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Note.png Note: Work does not go in chronological order.Each day just represents the amount of work done, until next update.In other words if I update on Monday and then Tuesday, but skip Wednesday, but then update on Thursday that will still be considered day 3.

--Gear 16:16, 24 Jul 2008 (PDT)

Map Name: CP_Factory
Percentage Complete Overall: 55%
Style: So far taking on a Hydro approach to everything, and CP assault style.

Day 1

Alrighty so here it is, my first attempt at trying out the new TF2 stuff. Interestingly its very difficult. Why? Well theres a ton of new materials and models, all of which are hard to navigate around until you get the hang of it. Also most of the materials now seems to be a lot taller. Removing the need to make two brushes in order to keep a material going, and going, and going...

All that is really good though, plus cloud materials, OH YEAH! need that in HL2. For right now the map I'm working on while i take a slight break from my mod is ctf_factory. I am hoping that it might work out this time, in fact the map has a lot of history in it. It has been from HL2Dm to Sourceforts, and to even normal Single player Designs. So with that said here they are, the spawn room that took me over a day to make and detail, yet its not done. But so far this is what i have:

Note.png Note: I Have two monitors going at once, and it becomes quite helpful with Hammer, now giving me more room. So thats why there are two screens.
SpawnRoom 001a.JPG
SpawnRoom 001b.JPG

Day 2

Got two more screens to add up, working out the spawn room though. Takes about an entire two days just to make a really awesome spawn room, all though the player is most likely going to only spend 15 seconds in there.

SpawnRoom 001c.JPG
SpawnRoom 001d.JPG
SpawnRoom 001e.JPG
SpawnRoom 001f.JPG

Screen 1 is sort of a missile silo, or at least a work place for it that I've been working on today. Not too much but took over 5 hours or so. Fun though. Screen two is just some minor rooms that are for detail only. The final two are just the same spawn room from day 1. All the screens you see are in fact other rooms that are connected to the main spawn room by only windows. So the player can just see through the window but can't really go there. A lot like the other rooms that you see in most of the TF2 maps. More like ctf_2fort as an example.

Month 10

After nearly ten month's of not updating this page, Instead you can find more info about the current version, and it's progress over at our Webpage.