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Subpage of strings
It contains various translatable and untranslatable strings that are used in the template or anywhere else.
Number of strings:37
Approximate status of translation:English (en) 100% Čeština (cs) 72.97% Deutsch (de) 94.59% Ελληνικά (el) 37.84% Español (es) 35.14% Esperanto (eo) 72.97% Suomi (fi) 94.59% Français (fr) 51.35% עברית (he) 35.14% Hrvatski (hr) 100% Italiano (it) 35.14% 日本語 (ja) 27.03% 한국어 (ko) 35.14% ქართული (ka) 32.43% Nederlands (nl) 35.14% Polski (pl) 32.43% Português do Brasil (pt-br) 100% Русский (ru) 94.59% Svenska (sv) 35.14% Türkçe (tr) 35.14% Українська (uk) 75.68% Tiếng Việt (vi) 94.59% 中文 (zh) 94.59% 中文(台灣)‎ (zh-tw) 35.14% 

If You are translating the Main Page, visit VDC-navbox/strings, Dictionary/software, and ValveTechnology/strings for more translations.

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