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This is a list of various standard models for Portal maps.

Significant models

All of these are found in Models\Props\ or subdirectories thereof (subdirectories are listed with a preceding "\")

Puzzle elements

These are bits that make up the puzzles.

  • Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device rotating pillar and base - pedestal_center_reference.mdl and pedestal_base_reference.mdl
  • Aperture Science High Energy Pellet Launcher/Target - combine_ball_launcher.mdl and combine_ball_catcher.mdl
  • Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill generator - portal_cleanser_1.mdl
  • Aperture Science Vital Apparatus Vent - box_dropper.mdl, box_dropper_cover.mdl, and box_dropper_cover_broken.mdl
  • Aperture Science Weighted Storage/Companion Cube (skin 0 and 1 respectively) - metal_box.mdl
  • Aperture Science Weighted Sphere (skin 0 is plain, while skins 1-9 have red panels of varying brightness) - sphere.mdl
  • Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator - glados_aperturedoor.mdl
  • 1500-megawatt Aperture Science Heavy-Duty Supercolliding Superbutton - button_base_reference.mdl and button_top_reference.mdl
  • Aperture Science Bed (in relaxation vault) - bed_body_reference.mdl and bed_cover_reference.mdl
  • Complementary victory lift - lift_platform.mdl
  • Light rail platforms (two styles) - light_rail_platform.mdl or light_rail_platform_02.mdl
  • Light rail infrastructure - light_rail_corner.mdl, light_rail_endcap.mdl, and light_rail_wall_emitter.mdl
  • Round door frames (two) - door_01_frame_reference.mdl or door_01_frame_wide_reference.mdl
  • Round door pieces - door_01_lftdoor_reference.mdl and door_01_rtdoor_reference.mdl
  • Round elevator (Testing Chamber Interlock) - round_elevator_body.mdl, round_elevator_doors.mdl, \elevator_caps\elevator_caps.mdl, and \elevatorshaft_wall\elevatorshaft_wall.mdl
  • Sign frames (exit/direction indicators etc.) - sign_frame01.mdl (single) and sign_frame02.mdl (dual)
  • Small button on pillar - switch_001.mdl
  • Square door - door_02.mdl
  • Portal frame - autoportal_frame.mdl


Primarily for decoration.

  • Cake - \cake\cake.mdl
  • Ceiling light - \glados_ceiling_light\glados_ceiling_light.mdl
  • Floor turret (for props) - turret_01.mdl
  • Intercom - \speaker_system01\speaker_system01.mdl or speaker_system02.mdl
  • Pillars from GLaDOS room antechamber - \glados_pillar\glados_pillar.mdl
  • Radio (85.2 FM) - radio_reference.mdl
  • Vital testing apparatus (Cameras) - security_camera.mdl and Security_Camera_prop_reference.mdl (the former is probably for the functional NPC entity, and the latter for props lying around)

Other models

Other folders containing miscellaneous bits.

  • models\props_animsigns\ - Contains the large signs for the test chambers
  • models\props_bts\ - Contains pistons, cube transport tubes, rocket sentry, and other models. BTS presumably stands for 'Behind the Scenes'.

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