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Known Open Source Plugins

Use this page to find an open source plugin, or list info about your open source plugin to help other coders new to the SDK and programming server plugins.

Valve Server Plugins

This is a list of known open source Valve Server Plugins (VSPs). Plugins with released source code are hard to find, so it should help everyone if a list of plugins with available source code are posted here.

Warning.pngWarning:Please check the license of the following programs before reusing any code as they may not be true open source.

Beetle's Mod

Author: Beetlefart

Description: Advanced admin plugin.

Features: Advance admin plugin including menus, kick, ban, reserved slots, advanced effects, etc.


License: Unknown


Author: SeLfkiLL

Description: As you kill your opponents, you gain Experience. Eventually when you have reached your experience quota, you gain a new Level. This means you can buy Upgrades which give you an advantage over your opponent.

Features: Advanced effects including such things as long jump module, invisibility, health regeneration, fire grenades, etc.


License: zlib/libpng

Metamod: Source Plugins

Metamod: Source (MMS) provides methods of interacting with the server that cannot be easily accomplished using the standard VSP interface. If you will be attempting any advanced concepts that are not provided for in the VSP interface, it is recommended that you use MMS. Not only does it easily allow things like editing damage to players that is very difficult in VSP plugins, it also manages the hooks so that your plugin doesn't interfere with other plugins and crash the server if they hook the same functions.


Author: fysh

Description: This CS:S plugin has everything! From vehicles in CS:S to modified zombie gameplay, and tons of other stuff. Not for the faint of heart, but if you're an advanced programmer, you'll find some interesting stuff here. NOTE: THIS PROGRAM WAS ABANDONED AND MUCH OF WHAT IT DOES PROBABLY DOESN'T WORK WITH CURRENT UPDATES.

Features: Everything from admin functions to vehicles in CS:S to zombies.

Website: This is a backup link. [1]

License: Unknown


Author: PoLaRiTy

Description: Server-Side Anti-Cheat Plugin for Counter-Strike: Source / Global Offensive / Promod

Features: Detecting some ConVar violation, Aimbots, TriggerBots & Autopistol, BunnyHop and more ...

Website: NoCheatZ @ GitHub

License: Apache 2.0

Zombie Horde

Author: Chris Deegan/Peter Rendle

Description: CS:S Zombification!

Features: Respawning zombies, zombie decapitation, concussion grenades, anti-camp, swear filter, stats, discrete zombie control and much more!


License: GPL-v2

Source Pause Tool

Author: YaLTeR & many contributors

Description: Multi-game speedrun tools for both segmenting and RTA scripted

Features: Auto pause, auto jump, duck spam, tasing, and much more!

Website: Github

License: MIT

Link to list of open source MMS plugins

List of open source MMS plugins