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半衰期:争锋相对 半衰期:争锋相对半衰期 半衰期的第一部资料片。与半衰期一样,针锋相对( Opposing Force )的名字也是一个双关,即[反作用力];同时,这也是个军事用语,即[假想敌部队]。 游戏缩写一般为 OpForOp4.



针锋相对由Gearbox Software负责开发,其目的是为了进一步讲述黑山基地事件的故事,于1999年发布。


As Opposing Force returns the player to Black Mesa as a soldier, Opposing Force's content differs from Half-Life's to maximize the role of the HECU, giving it a stronger presence and a more realistic feel. As such, Opposing Force introduces different types of soldiers: in addition to the shotgun and automatic wielding troops of the original game, Opposing Force includes soldiers armed with light machine guns as well as engineers capable of cutting through sealed doors and medics who can heal both the player and friendly NPC's.

Gearbox also expanded the number of participants in the incident. Now included with the Black Mesa personnel, HECU forces and Xen invaders are two new groups. One of these is the mysterious Black Operations, who are specialist human forces that are faster and more agile than HECU troops. Only encountered twice in Half-Life - female assassins attempting to kill Gordon Freeman - the Black Operations are now in the facility in force, targeting anything that is still alive, including the player and fellow HECU members. The female assassins from the original game return, working in conjunction with new male soldiers and snipers.

The other one of these groups is a completely new hostile force known as Race-X. These creatures are not part of the Xen forces, and will in fact attack Vortigaunt troops as well as human ones. It has been speculated that Race-X is actually a first strike recon force of the Combine. This theory was fueled primarily by similar texturing between the Race-X Shock Trooper and the Combine Advisor in Half-Life 2.

A number of new weapons and models have been introduced to further better the game. These include the M-249 SAW light machine gun and M-40A1 sniper rifle referred to above, as well as a Desert Eagle (which is used in place of the .357 Magnum in single player, but the two separate weapons are available in multiplayer) and a host of alien and experimental Black Mesa weapons. New NPC models include redesigned HECU soldiers to accommodate the new features, Black Operations soldiers, the new Race-X species and a number of new NPC's made specially for the Boot Camp, Opposing Force's version of Half-Life's Hazard Course.

Gearbox composed their own soundtrack for Opposing Force, which was later used again in 半衰期:蓝色行动 半衰期:蓝色行动. Yet for unknown reasons, this soundtrack did not migrate with the rest of the game to Steam.


  1. Incoming
  2. Welcome To Black Mesa
  3. "We Are Pulling Out"
  4. Missing In Action
  5. Friendly Fire
  6. We Are Not Alone
  7. Crush Depth
  8. Vicarious Reality
  9. Pit Worm's Nest
  10. Foxtrot Uniform
  11. "The Package"
  12. Worlds Collide
  13. Conclusion