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半衰期:衰变 半衰期:衰变Half-Life: Decay )是由Gearbox移植的半衰期(PS2)版中附带的资料片。


尽管Gearbox完成了该作的PC移植,但由于“某种神秘力量”使其从未发布。大部分玩家也从未玩过该作。 但半衰期:衰变有一个粉丝制作的移植版,在2008年9月23日发布于PC.


  1. Dual Access
  2. Hazardous Course
  3. Surface Call
  4. Resonance
  5. Domestic Violence
  6. Code Green
  7. Crossfire
  8. Intensity
  9. Rift
  10. Xen Attacks


I work for Gearbox and did most of the coding for the Decay work we did on the PS2. First I'd like to say that there is no interest or desire on our part to fox this project. Everyone here thinks it would be great to see this ported to Source. We even had a port of the game ready on HL1 for the PC, but due to powers beyond our control, were unable to release it at the time. So it's always been of interest to us to see Decay make it to the PC since, as someone else here has mentioned, it does deliver a part of the Half-Life storyline so it's always been a shame to prevent a large portion of the Half-Life players out there from seeing that part of the story. When this mod is done I will probably fire it up with a friend of mine that never had the chance to play Half-Life on the PS2. It's been a while since I played through Decay (though I certainly played through it quite a bit while we were working on it).
-Patrick Deupree [Originally posted on the VERC]