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We are a new international game design studio, and are currently looking for skilled members to help us develop our first title, an innovative tactical First Person Shooter using cinematic storytelling and RPG elements. This game is being developed for valve's source engine and is planned to released via steam content delivery upon completion.

currently we have only mappers and a composer and are looking for people to fill the following position:

- 3D Modelers (3Dsmax/maya) - 3D Animators - Texture artists (photoshop, photograpy) - 2D artists (concept art) - Voice artists (UK/US english) - Engine programmers (C++) - Network programmers (C++) - Mappers (Worldcraft/Hammer) - Audio artists (sound effects/ambience/music)

If you are dedicated to making games and being creative please send us an email to [email protected] including some samples of your work. Keep in mind this is an unpayed job during development, but you will receive a fair share if the game is released.

Regards team

contact us at [email protected]