Friends Beta/UpdateNotes/0302

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Steam beta, March 2nd 2006 changes:

  • increased max size of chat messages to 2048 characters
  • changed friends to carry chat dialogs & history into and out of the game
  • fixed case where a friend could potentially be seen as both offline and in-game
  • fixed URL's in the chat history causing invisible text if they were the first thing on a line
  • fixed regression where actively preloading games would show as paused in the mini-games list
  • fixed several french strings mistakenly having the %variable% names being translated, causes the variable substitution to never occur
  • fixed multiple online alerts dialogs being open for the same friends
  • changed adding friends by email address/account name to clean off any whitespace before using the string (for copy/pasting to work easily)
  • fixed missing strings in game->properties->local files tab
  • added an extra check to make sure vgui windows don't draw with focus when they really don't have it
  • fixed html control being stuck displaying 'loading...' in the case of switching to the store, a game in the store, the purchase option, the games tab, then back to the store tab
  • fixed several serverbrowser filtering regressions
  • fixed case where auto-retry radio buttons would stay visible in the game info dialog after a friend leaves the game
  • fixed friends dialog empty-list context menu not updating checked menu items in status sub-menu