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Facewound Alpha Screenshot - click to enlarge
Facewound Alpha Screenshot - click to enlarge


Facewound is a 3D accelerated 2D side scrolling shoot em up. Facewound uses pixel shaders and ragdoll physics technology.

Facewound was originally developed by Facepunch Studios. The game was abandoned and later cancelled in order to work on Garry's Mod.


The game features technology, that isn't usually associated with 2D games...

  • Pixel shader effects:
    • Refracted water reflection
    • Water ripples
    • Bloom
    • Shockwave effects
    • Heat wave effects
    • Specular effects
  • Full screen post processing
  • Advanced particle system
  • 2D ragdolls

Facewound is 3D accelerated, so it will require a Direct3D compatible video card.

Distribution and Availability

Facepunch Studios was hoping to deliver the game using Steam, or other digital distribution software. No official announcements have been made by either Facepunch Studios or Valve.

The current state of Facewound is CANCELLED.

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