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Evangelion (previously 'a fan's work')is a Source modification game based off of the original Nintendo 64 video game "Neon Genesis Evangelion 64".


Evangelion is a Neon Genesis Evangelion modification based off of the original Nintendo 64 game, utilizing parts of the source engine and the Bullet Physics Engine. The game will feature an updated graphics and physics engine as well as re-create the original story using these new features as well as display new gameplay elements complimentary to this year's technological advances.

Development History

A Fan's Work started out as an idea back in late 2010 as TheAltonboy was nearing the completion of the Nintendo 64 game "Neon Genesis Evangelion 64." The idea was tossed around between two friends and eventually became A Fans work in early 2011, and then 'Evangelion'. Though the team only consists of two people, they are all talented in their fields of work. After extensive calculation it was determined that A Fan's Work will posses a production time of around two-three years.


For more information on the mod and the team please visit [[1]]