DoD:S mapping - rocket targets

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This tutorial will show you how to make a wall that can only be destroyed by rockets or grenade.

The remains of the wall

Make your Brush

Create the brush you would like to have remain after the wall is destroyed.

The destroyable part of the wall

Now create the center piece of this. You need to give it a visual aspect that will let players know that it can be destroyed. I still use the same thing that the official maps had in DoD 1.3, which is three cracks in it in the shape of a "Y".

Configuring the entity

Select all the parts of the wall that will be destroyed, and press the Tie To Entity button (or press Ctrl + T). Set the entity as a func_breakable and set it up however you wish. The only keyvalues you need to worry about are the Strength and Min Damage to Hurt. Since the k98 and snipers both do 120 damage, you need to set the Min Damage to Hurt to more than that. Rockets generally do 125 damage, so set Min Damage to Hurt to 125. The strength can be whatever you want it to be. I normally set it to 100 times the number of rocket to kill.

Test it out

Now you can test it out. Sometimes the rocket wont reach th 125 damage point, so it wont hurt the wall, which I'm sure happened with "dud" rockets. Only the rockets, or a grenade that is placed inside the crack of the wall, will destroy it.