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다양한 공압식 통풍구는 최종게임에서 삭제된 테스트요소입니다. 하지만, 아직 만들 수 있는 도구는 사용할 수 있습니다. 포탈 2 미학 요소의 생명 유지에 필요한 통풍 기구 시스템의 일부입니다. 애퍼쳐 전반에 걸쳐 객체 분배를 큐브, 터렛, 그리고 과 같은데에 사용합니다. 또는 테스트 요소를 빨아들일 수 있습니다.

The cubes and turrets that fly through the tubes are animated. Look in the model folder "props_vac_anim".


Creating the vent

Note:For the purpose of this tutorial, there are three straight vents and one angled vents in use. Browse for vactube under props_bts for more vent options.
  • Create several prop_static entities with the model name props_bts\vactube_128_straight_b.mdl.
  • Line up the tubes, then place another prop_static entity with the model name props_bts\vactube_90deg_01.mdl. This is the curved tube.
  • To finish the vent, place one more prop_static entity with the model name props_bts\vactube_connector.mdl

Creating the vacuum

  • For straight tubes: create a 64x64 trigger_push brush entity and texture it with the Trigger texture. Place it inside the straight tubes and line it up with the origin of the straight tubes to ensure it's directly in the center.
  • Make the brush length as long as the vent tubes.
  • For the curved tube: create another 64x64 trigger_push brush entity textured with Trigger. Place it inside the curved tube and stretch it down to the floor and up to the bottom of the straight tube's trigger_push entity. This will lift physics objects into the straight tubes, then carried away.

In the object properties of all trigger_push entities, ensure the Physics Objects flag is checked. The Speed of Push should be set to 1500, and make sure the Push Direction is correctly set with the direction of the tubes.

Removing vacuumed objects

  • At the opposite end of the tube, where the player may lose sight of objects being carried away by the vacuum, place a trigger_multiple brush entity that is 128x128x16 large. This will be used to remove the physics objects in the tube.
  • For the trigger_multiple entity:
My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnStartTouch  !activator Kill 0.00 No
Note: Make sure you check the "physics objects" flag in the properties of the trigger. You may also want to uncheck the "client" flag.

Finishing up

Finished Vent
  • Directly underneath the entry tube where objects will be sucked in, place a info_placement_helper on the floor. Set the Radius to 64, and set the Force placement to Yes.
  • Above the info_placement_helper, and below the entry tube, place a point_push facing up (-90, 0, 0). Adjust the Radius to about 250, and set the Magnitude to -40. This will add an effect of dust being sucked into the portal when placing portals.
  • At the opening of the vent place an info_particle_system facing down (90, 0, 0) with Particle System Name of broken_tube_suck. Make sure Start Active? is set to yes. This will add an effect of dust being sucked in the vent, not only to the portal, but also from it.

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