Dark Messiah: Usable Ladders

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<Dark Messiah of Might and Magic> As a Source Engine game, Dark Messiah is unique with the amount of body awareness it provides the player. One of the best ways to make use of this added immersion is to place ladders throughout a level, which allow the player to watch their character use his own arms and legs to physically climb up.

Creating your ladder

Setting up

1) Begin by creating a prop_static entity.
2) For this tutorial we're going to use a basic wooden ladder. As the world model choose: models/props/furnitures/humans/ladder_a.mdl
3) Place a ladder and align it.

Placing a ladder.

Creating a starting point and an end point

Create two info_ladder_dismount entities. Place one at each end of the ladder as seen in the screenshot on the right.
Placing the info_ladder_dismount entities.

Creating usable ladders

Now create two func_useableladder point entities (not brush).

See the screenshot on the right and note how each func_usableladder entity needs to be aligned. Notice how the one at the top of the ladder is not placed
directly on top of the info_ladder_dismount entity. This is because both entities will be connected in the next step (the connection can be seen in the picture on the right).
Both entities then work like a railway track, the func_usableladder entity at the top being the final position of the player before he climbs up to take the position of the info_ladder_dismount entity.
Aligning the func_usableladder entity.

Warning: Before proceeding to connect both entities, make sure that both func_usableladder entities are rotated in the direction the player is supposed to look when he is climbing up the ladder.
To do this, right click on each entity and select Properties. Click on the Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) Keyvalue and point it in the direction of the ladder. Only need Yaw (Z) is needed.

For example, if the Pitch Yaw Roll is
27.5 90 0
change it to
0 90 0

1) To connect both entities, open the Properties of the func_usableladder entity at the top.
2) Click on End and copy the content.
3) Now open the properties of the other func_usableladder at the start of the ladder, and paste the coordinates in the End Keyvalue.

Connecting func_usableladder entities.

Adding AI navigation

NPCs like the npc_necroguard will only be able to use a ladder when AI navigation has been added to it. Place them as seen in the picture on the right.

Note:The info_node_climb entities need to be facing in the same direction as the func_usableladder entites. Copy and paste the Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) value from the func_usableladder entities.
Adding AI navigation to a ladder.

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