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Note that it is not possible to edit what happens in a Source demo, it basically stores the packets right off the wire, and we don't know the packet format.

For the purpose of this, I will be referring to each collection of events as a frame. This may or may not add up to the number of frames given by the header.

Заголовок Демо

Тип Поле Значение
String Заголовок 7+NULL characters, should be "HL2DEMO"
Int Демо Протокол Версия протокола демо, например '3'
Int Протокол Сети Версия Сетевого протокола
String Имя Сервера Длиной в 260 символов
String Имя клиента Длиной в 260 символов
String Имя Карты Длиной в 260 символов
String Директория Игры Длиной в 260 символов
Float Время игры Продолжительность записи Демо, в секундах
Int Ticks The number of ticks in the demo
Int Кадры Количество кадров в Демо
Int Sign on length  ?


Each frame begins with 0 or more of these commands: These are described in hl2sdk\utils\demoinfo\demoformat.h

Тип Значение
dem_signon 1
dem_packet 2
dem_synctick 3
dem_consolecmd 4
dem_usercmd 5
dem_datatables 6
dem_stop 7
dem_lastcommand dem_stop

Depending on the command that was received, a different action needs to be taken.

dem_stop, dem_lastcommand

This is a signal that the demo is over, and there is no more data to be parsed.

dem_consolecmd, dem_datatables, dem_usercmd

Read a standard data packet, deal with it as necessary.

dem_synctick, dem_signon, dem_packet


Standard Data "Packet"

Any time there is more than one byte to be read in, a standard format is used.

This begins with an integer that has the number of bytes in this packet.

Example code to handle this:

int ReadData(char **buffer)
	int len;
	fread (&len,sizeof(int),1,fDemo);
	if (len > 0)
		*buffer = new char[len];
	return len;