Creating a Wheatly Rail

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This is a tutorial on How to create Wheatley or one of the other cores on the ball and stick rail system. This can be adapted for other styles they use in Portal 2.

Step 1

Turtorial 1.PNG

Create your track system how ever long it is using prop_static. Filter the model viewer with props_bts\rail for all the options.

Step 2

Turtorial 2.PNG

In the spot you want to start, create a 4 by 4 by 4 brush made with invisible texture. Tie this entity to a func_tracktrain with a name of rail_train and a height above track of 0. The speed you can set to what you like.

Step 3

Turtorial 3.PNG

Next create a prop_dynamic with a model of models/npcs/personality_sphere/management_rail_stick.mdl give it the name of rail_stick and a parent of rail_train. Place it so that the top of the model is barely below the top of the track, like to the right.