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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Crazy HL2 Multiplayer was started by Mrkrabz, And helped further by PerLM, Cameron, Valve and FPSBanana, This mod is purley about user created content, to make it as crazy as possible. The main purpose in this mod is, Well.. Nothing! Just crazy! Custom Textures, Maps, Models, Sounds, Etc etc.


  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom Maps
  • Awesome weapon textures
  • Custom Weapon models.


Coming Soon.


Mrkrabz:- Started the mod, Begun coding from virtually no experience, and Crazy HL2 has grown bigger thanks to many more of the members.

PerLM:- Helped with Coding, Texturing, Mapping etc, Has been very helpful throughout the mod, Wouldn't be possible without you :)

Cameron:- IRL friend of Mrkrabz, Helped with texturing and sounds etc, Very helpful too :)

See also

  • [ Official site] (dead)

Help Wanted

We are in need of mappers, If you wish to sign up register on our forums, and create a topic and say what you can do to help!