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Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio (formerly Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies) is basically a worldwide (and reskinned) version of Counter-Strike Online, published by Nexon Europe, featuring the same restricted Console commands, microtransactions, weapons, skins (such as playermodels), gamemodes and other stuff.

Unlike CSO, it is available to download on Steam in all other countries, including those that previously have their localized version of Counter-Strike Online prior to it's server shutdown for these affected countries, and lastly, CS Nexon: Studio, now requires Steam running to play the game. The game has receiving mixed reviews due to the company's business practices, as well the game's content and skins, models, etc... that doesn't fit what Counter-Strike supposes to be.

The server for this game is currently active, and nearly have the same updated content with Counter-Strike Online, there might be some differences, through.

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