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Play the world's number 1 online action game. Engage in an incredibly realistic brand of terrorist warfare in this wildly-popular team-based game. Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team's success. Your team's success affects your role.

Counter-Strike Counter-Strike (CS for short, retroactively refers to Counter-Strike 1.6) was first released as a Half-Life Half-Life mod (under the name Half-Life: Counter-Strike) on June 19th, 1999. The Counter-Strike Mod was developed by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe. On April 12th, 2000, Valve announced that the Counter-Strike developers and Valve had teamed up. Since then, Counter-Strike has been available to buy. The latest version of Counter-Strike is 1.6, released in September 15, 2003, few days after Steam launched, since then, the game still continues to receive updates, like many other GoldSrc games. Since the release of later Counter-Strike games, it was commonly and retroactively called as Counter-Strike 1.6 in order to distinguish it from other Counter-Strike games.

Counter Strike 1.6 is the most played version of all.[citation needed]


Official maps

Counter-Strike maps use the following prefixes: de_ for Bomb Defusal, as_ for Assassination, and cs_ for Hostage Rescue.

Version 1.6 of Counter-Strike has the following official maps included:

Hostage scenario:
cs_747 - since March 10 2000 (Beta 6)
cs_assault - since July 1999 (Beta 1.1)
cs_backalley - since December 23 1999 (Beta 5)
cs_estate - since June 8 2000 (Beta 6.5)
cs_havana - since April 24 2002 (1.4)
cs_italy - since June 8 2000 (Beta 6.5)
cs_militia - since September 14 1999 (Beta 3)
cs_office - since September 26 2000 (Beta 7)
cs_siege - since June 19 1999 (Beta 1)
Bombing scenario:
de_airstrip - since January 16 2003
de_aztec - since June 8 2000 (Beta 6.5)
de_cbble - since June 8 2000 (Beta 6.5)
cs_chateau - since April 24 2002 (1.4)
de_dust - since December 5 1999 (Beta 4)
de_dust2 -
de_inferno -
de_nuke - since December 5 1999 (Beta 4)
de_piranesi - since June 12 2002 (1.5)
de_prodigy - since December 5 1999 (Beta 4)
de_storm -
de_survivor -
de_torn -
de_train - since December 23 1999 (Beta 5)
de_vertigo -
Assasination scenario:
as_oilrig - since March 10 2000 (Beta 6)

Other competitive maps

  1. de_clan1_mill
  2. de_cpl_mill
  3. de_mirage
  4. de_tuscan (in Russian)


Warning.pngWarning:This game is no-longer actively updated, and only receives engine and security updates.
PlacementTip.pngWorkaround: ReGameDLL_CS may solve some problems but introduce others. This is a server-side mod; clients do not need to modify their installation to connect to severs running ReGameDLL_CS.
Icon-Bug.pngBug:Cycler entities disappear at the start of a new round. Use env_sprite instead, which can be used for MDL or BSP models, despite the name.

Use GitHub in order to prevent duplicate or outdated bug reports at the wiki.


Main article:  Counter-Strike/Versions

The final major version of Counter-Strike is 1.6, released on September 15, 2003, few days after Steam launched. Since then, Counter-Strike, like many other GoldSrc games, now only receiving minor updates (such as engine and security updates). Previous (WON) version of Counter-Strike, such as 1.5 are still remains playable online until 2004 when WON master servers were completely shutdown, forcing user to use direct IP workaround, WON2, playing LAN/Offline or simply update to 1.6.

Dedicated server


Warning.pngWarning:There are no bots in the game, unlike some later titles.
PlacementTip.pngWorkaround: All Counter-Strike Counter-Strike 1.6 maps can be run in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero to use CS_Bot.
PlacementTip.pngWorkaround: A third party option can be used:

and others. See


Main article:  Counter-Strike/Mods

There are few mods that significantly change the gameplay.


  • Client-side fps_max is capped at 100 (on Steam version), formerly 72 (WON/Retail) like Quake Quake but can be changed with 3 commands:
    1. gl_vsync 0 // Disable VSync (Vertical Sync) - this options prevents screen tearing at the cost of lower and varied FPS and more input lag.
    2. fps_max "XX" // Replace "XX" with your desired FPS value.
    3. fps_override 1
  • Some sources advocate against setting fps_max above 100, as it can cause player movements to slow down significantly (more noticeable when jumping).
  • The server-side tickrate is 60.
  • Counter-Strike Counter-Strike had built-in voice communication since 1.3.


  • The pirated copies of 1.6 in Russia, most of Asia and several other countries had a menu theme that is not in the Steam version. The most frequently used track was the main theme made from Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Condition Zero Deleted Scenes by Zak Belica, as well as cut-down version which was also played on the Xbox version of Counter-Strike (Xbox) Counter-Strike.
Tip.pngTip:This behavior can be replicated by placing an MP3 file named 🖿gamestartup.mp3 in the 🖿cstrike/media/ folder.