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There are two mistakes in Valve's Orange Box codebase that prevent clients connecting to servers. The errors that appear in the console are:

  • Client missing DT class CWaterBullet
  • Client missing DT class CWeaponCycler

To fix them:

  1. Open server/waterbullet.cpp and remove IMPLEMENT_SERVERCLASS_ST( CWaterBullet, DT_WaterBullet ) / END_SEND_TABLE() from lines 31 and 32.
  2. Open server/waterbullet.h and remove DECLARE_SERVERCLASS(); from line 28.
  3. Open server\h_cycler.cpp and remove similar code from lines 226, 238 and 239.
  4. Add #include "c_weapon__stubs.h" / STUB_WEAPON_CLASS( cycler_weapon, WeaponCycler, C_BaseCombatWeapon ); to a CPP file of your choosing on the client.