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Retake is a skirmish game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduced with Operation X (Broken Fang).

Retake is a game mode where a team of 3 terrorists has to defend a bombsite against 4 counter terrorists. At the beginning of the round, each player gets to choose from a pack of cards which gives the player different loadouts. Here you will learn how to set up retake for your own map.

Retake doesn't need many map edits so you can still keep your map playable in all other game modes at the same time.

Used entities

  • A func_brush called retake.asite
  • A func_brush called retake.bsite

Creating the map

We will need to add func_brushes to the map to block off the part of the map where Ts can walk around before the bomb gets planted.

Surround your bombsite leaving a bit of space on each side but not too much to have players see all the entrances to the bombsite. We will create tall brushes using the tools/invisible texture on all sides. Then we will texture the insides with tools/wrongway_timer. Feel free to cut the brushes horizontally to have better control over where the tools/wrongway_timer is applied.

Convert the brushes to a func_brush and name it retake.asite or retake.bsite if you are working on B.

Make sure to change StartDisabled to Yes.

Do this for both of the bombsites.

Setting up Spawn Points

Create a .txt file named <mapname>_retake.txt

Put this prefab inside of it:

While the original prefab explains how to get the positions, I expanded upon it for more clarity.

Getting our locations

Load up your map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and enable the walls using ent_fire retake.asite enable;ent_fire retake.bsite enable.

Go to the positions where you want people to spawn and write getpos. This will output a setpos command that will look like this:

(setpos -1960.792725 41.445831 41.093811;getpos 16.872581 17.068365 0.000000)

Remove the text from it so you just get the numbers to put those in between the "" in the prefab. Make sure it's under the correct place. Also, make sure that none of the spawn points are too close so that players don't get stuck inside of themselves.

Make sure terrorists spawn inside the zone marked by the func_brushes.