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This SP mod for Half-Life 2 is currently in alpha development.


The player is trapped in an apartment block during an unexplained apocolypse. Police battle for control, looting is rife and chaos is spreading. The sole aim is to survive in the hostile, anarchic environment. Battling other survivors, building barricades, collecting supplies and searching for ammo, there are no rules on the 96th floor. You choose who your befriend or kill, what path to take. Gameplay is fast paced, with plenty of vertical firefights as the player finds their way through vent systems, elevator shafts and apartment blocks. An innovative system allows the player to level up by making kills, and finding key items. Food and sleep also play a role in gameplay- without them the player begins to lose speed, accuracy and damage, and can even collapse if too fatigued.

As the game progresses, the 96th Floor becomes more dangerous. Vital supplies becomes scarce and rival survivors battle over the last few bullets, while the city burns.

Currently, the mod is only in the production stage, and needs to be tied into a playable whole. The first playable map, as a taster, is scheduled for release Summer 2011, with the complete release following.


It aims to bring a different variation of combat using the Source SDK engine, with most of the fighting being at close-quarters, as the player battles from room to room, along corridors, and down stairwells. Flexible AI relations, hunger and fatigue stats, and the ability to level up the character add further depth to the gameplay.

  • Emphasis on ammo conservation
  • Varied CQB scenarios
  • Stamina/Hunger system
  • Level up system


  • Hazzmat 6 - Mod Author/Map Maker
  • Stewo2 - Game Coder

This mod is recruiting. Please contact Hazzmat6 if you would like to help with its development

Mod Development

Currently, a basic series of maps is under development, on which the mod will be tested. Models for food and sleeping areas are being tried out, and the level up system is almost complete.


96_Apartment1 (100%complete) This is the first map, where the games protagonist awakens to find himself in an apartment block being stormed by the police. It immediately immerses the player into the action- on the 96th floor its learn fast or die fast.

96_Apartment2 (30%complete) Fire is introduced into the gameplay at this point, which adds a time factor to the game as the flames spread...

96_Apartment3 (05%complete) Still really in the concept stages, rooftop chases are involved.