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This mod for Goldsource has been released! Download it now.


<Half-Life> Wanted! is a total conversion of Valve's Half-Life produced by Maverick Developments in the United Kingdom.

Bot control

Syntax: sv_addbot <count>

Note.png Note: Parameters are described inside the "<" and ">" characters.

Syntax: sv_removebot <count>

Syntax: sv_removeallbots 1


See also

External links

  • AtomicGamer - The official download site (ex 3ddownloads.com, ex telefragged.com).
  • FileFront - Unofficial Steam port.
    Note.png Note: To fix, move the folder ../half-life/wantedsp/wantedsp to ../half-life/ and copy ../wantedsp/IFC22.dll to system32.