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The Wall Worm Model Tools (free) and Wall Worm Pro (commercial) are Scripts and Plugins for 3ds Max that allows you to compile models and textures and entire levels straight from 3ds Max. This tool is only available for 3ds Max users and includes VMF, QC, VTF, DMX, SMD and VTA exporters (among others). The tool gives you a graphical interface for setting various model properties and easily exporting to Source.

Wall Worm works with the latest versions of 3ds Max, preferably 2016+.

A short but incomplete list of things the tool does:

  • Generates QC files
  • Exports SMD Files
  • Exports VTA Files
  • Export DMX Files
  • Wrinklemap Exporter (in DMX exporter)
  • Flex Animations from Morpher and Morph-O-Matice channels
  • QC/SMD/VTA Importer
  • Compiles QCs into MDLs
  • Converts Standard Material and Texture Maps to VMT and VTF
  • Create Multiple Skins
  • Assign $bodygroups
  • Generates LODs or use your own
  • Assigns Sequences
  • Quick Collision Hull Generation Tools
  • Assign Collision Hulls
  • Auto Hull
  • Create $attachments and assign to bones
  • Control Prop Data
  • Assign Custom Gibs
  • LOD Camera (like HL Model Viewer's Auto Lod option)
  • Scene batch functions to convert multiple objects in scene into models and compile all at once
  • Ragdoll support
  • Material Library Generator to turn library of VMTs/TGAs into 3ds Max material libraries
  • $jigglebones
  • Many more...

Now also has the following tools integrated into it:

  • MDL Loader/Importer (Load MDL files from game VPK directly into Max)
  • Worm Face - Hammer-like texture application tool to lift/dump textures from/to faces
  • Soundscaper - Generates skeleton soundscape files from env_soundsape entities in scene
  • Rad Worm - Generates level-specific lights.rad from self-illuminated materials in scene
  • Now packaged with Sky Writer
  • Now packaged with WW Anvil
  • Entities and Entity I/O tools
  • VMF Exporter - World Geometry, Entities, Displacements, Models, etc included
  • VMF Importer
  • MAP Exporter
  • MAP Importer
  • SMD Importer
  • Material Exporter
  • TGA -> VTF Exporter
  • More...

Wall Worm generally supports the current version of 3ds Max and three versions back.

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