Wall Worm Model Tools

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The Wall Worm Model Tools is a (free) MAXScript utility for 3ds Max that allows you to compile models and textures straight from 3ds Max. This tool is only available for 3ds Max users and is dependant on Jed's SMD Exporter. The tool gives you a graphical interface for setting various model properties such as $surfaceprop, $scale, $mass, etc.

A short but incomplete list of things the tool does:

  • Generates QC files
  • Compiles QCs into MDLs
  • Converts some Standard Material maps with TGA bitmaps into related VTFs and places them into root VMT
  • Generates LODs
  • Assigns Sequences
  • Assing Collision Hulls

A future release will also include a utility to create convex collision hulls (right now you have to make them yourself).

WWMT has been tested in 3ds Max 2008+.

Wall Worm Model Tools Documentation and Downloads