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This is the shader used on the vortigaunts in the intro sequence in Half-Life 2: Episode One. It blends a Flowmap with a illumination mask, and creates a similar effect to how water uses Flowmaps in newer engine branches. The shader can be both used on brushes and models.

Shader parameters

$unlit <bool>
Whether or not the material should be lit.
$flowmap <texture>
Flowmap to use.
$warpparam <float>
For models, causes the entire portion of the model that the material covers to squish itself inward. 1.0 will not perform any squishing, while lower values will cause the model to squish more and more, and 0.0 will make the model practically invisible. On brushes, this doesn't do much. To do: Test on brushes more.
$entityorigin <vector>
To do: Find out what this is for. Seems to be related to EntityOrigin proxy..
$selfillummap <texture>
A $selfillummask to blend with the Flowmap.

Supported effects


Example showing the minimal needed parameters in order to make the shader work.


	$basetexture	lights/white
	$flowmap	shadertest/cloud

	$selfillummap	shadertest/lump
	$selfillumtint	"{ 200 15 0 }"

	$warpparam	1.0


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