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visibility_hint is a point entity available in the following Source 2 engine games: SteamVR Home SteamVR Home, Half-Life: Alyx Half-Life: Alyx. It is a point entity which is used to define visibility grid properties.

Entity description

The visibility hint ostensibly affects visibility inside its bounds via the use of a voxel grid of variable resolution.

To do: Test the use of this entity for its behavior.


Box Mins <coordinates>
The minimum bounds for the volume, can be dragged out in the 3d view or entered manually.

Box Maxs <coordinates>
The maximumbounds for the volume, can be dragged out in the 3d view or entered manually.

Hint Type <choices>
  • 0: Use Low Resolution (64 unit grid) (default)
  • 3: Use High Resolution
  • 6: Z-axis split

Source 2 Transform:

origin <coordinates>
The world space origin of the entity.
angles <angles>
The pitch, yaw, roll orientation of the entity.
scales <vector>
The x, y, z scales of the entity. Not all entities can use this.
Transform Locked <boolean>
Lock the transform at its current value, preveting the transform of the node from being modified.
Force Hidden <boolean>
Visually hides the entity from the viewports. The Outliner pane will still list hidden entities.
Editor Only <boolean>
Entity is only displayed in Hammer and will not appear in game.

See Also

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