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vbspinfo is a command-line tool that dumps information and, if specified, lumps from a BSP map file. It dumps information usually seen at the end of a Hammer compile log.

Bug.png Bug: <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> Will crash if an invalid input is used.


vbspinfo [parameters] <bspfile>


Dumps BSP tree information.
Dumps a list of textures used on brush surfaces and the number of surfaces each texture is used on.
Dumps a list of models used in the map and the number of times each model is used.
-X[lump ID]
Dumps a map lump with the specified ID. i.e. -X0 dumps the entity lump. A list of lump IDs can be found here.
Note.png Note: The .lmp file will be created in the same directory as the input .bsp.
Dumps the worldmodel bounds of the BSP, with and without skybox.

See also

  • VBSP2, a similar BSP analysis tool.