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Outils de compilations qui créer le fichier BSP, compatible avec Source. Il peut être lancer seul pour tester votre map. Vous aurez tous le nécessaire exepter la lumières et les VisLeafs.

Son rôle :

A partir de votre géométrie il partitionne l'espace. L'inconvenient de cette méthode est que les trous, ou LEAK, posent problème lors de la compilation et pour l'optimisations.

  • Coordonnées des entitées

Il enrengistre dans le BSP les coordonnées des différentes entitées que vous avez indiquez sous Hammer. Source chargera toutes les entités au enplacements noter.

  • UV maping

Il enrengistre dans le BSP les coordonnées du placage de vos texture.

There are various command-line options that can be used in combination with expert compile mode, a batch file, or directly at a Windows command prompt. For a complete list, envoke %sourcesdk%\bin\vbsp.exe at the commmand prompt, with no other parameters.


vbsp [options...] mapfile


%sourcesdk%\bin\vbsp.exe -onlyents sdk_trainstation_01

Common options

-v (or -verbose)
Turn on verbose output (also shows more command-line options). Use without any other parameters.
This option causes vbsp to only import the entities from the vmf-file. -onlyents won't reimport brush models.
Only update the static props and detail props.
Writes .gl files in the current directory that can be viewed with glview.exe. If you use -tmpout, it will write the files into the \tmp folder.
Get rid of all detail geometry. The geometry left over is what affects visibility.
Get rid of water brushes.
Run as an idle-priority process.
-vproject <directory> 
Override the VPROJECT environment variable.
-game <directory> 
Same as -vproject.

Other options

Run %sourcesdk%\bin\vbsp.exe -v to display these options.

Don't bring up graphical UI on vproject errors.
Control the number of threads vbsp uses (defaults to the # of processors (times 2 for Hypertreading CPU's) on your machine).
If -v is on, this disables verbose output for submodels.
Don't join face vertexes together.
Don't chop out intersecting brush areas.
Emit unique face edges instead of sharing them.
Don't fixup t-junctions.
By default, vbsp removes the 'outer shell' of the map, which are all the faces you can't see because you can never get outside the map. -noopt disables this behavior.
Don't prune neighboring solid nodes.
Don't merge together chopped faces on nodes.
Don't merge together chopped faces on water.
Don't subdivide faces for lightmapping.
-micro <#> 
vbsp will warn when brushes are output with a volume less than this number (default: 1.0).
Mark all detail geometry as normal geometry (so all detail geometry will affect visibility).
Stop processing the map if a leak is detected. Whether or not this flag is set, a leak file will be written out at <vmf filename>.lin, and it can be imported into Hammer.
Force all surfaces to be bump mapped.
Snap axial planes to integer coordinates.
-block # # 
Control the grid size mins that vbsp chops the level on.
-blocks # # # # 
Enter the mins and maxs for the grid size vbsp uses.
Dump static props to staticprop*.txt
Write files with collision info.
-luxelscale # 
Scale all lightmaps by this amount (default: 1.0).
Force lightmaps to be generated for all surfaces even if they don't need lightmaps.
Keep the BSP's zip files intact but regenerate everything else.
Enable mandatory xbox optionsm (Can cause memory leaks on Windows with out applying the patch code to your mod found at SDK_Known_Issues_List)
Substitute materials according to materialsub.txt in content\maps
Write large minidumps on crash.

Nonfunctional Options

Force it to write physics data for linux multiplayer servers. ( It will automatically write this data if it finds certain entities like info_player_terrorist, info_player_deathmatch, info_player_teamspawn, info_player_axis, or info_player_coop. )
Force it to not write physics data for linux multiplayer servers, even if there are multiplayer entities in the map.
Use virtual (not precomputed) displacement collision models

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