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This page is for tracking projects which have been given Valve Times but have yet to establish their Actual Time equivalents.

Project Given Valve Time(s)
TF2 class updates on the Xbox 360 "Before the end of 2008."

Valve have now said they can't due to memory limitations on the 360

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Christmas of 2007
SteamOS "Downloadable soon."

End of the week (12/13/2013)

Steam Machines "during 2014"
"some truly big surprises" 2014
TF2 Comics Bi-monthly (later joked as annual)
TF Comics #6 "a little quicker" than 11 months
TF2 performance concerns "next few weeks"
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Custom HUD Yes, we’ve temporarily locked down custom huds/menus (August 2014)

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