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Valve Time

Valve Time Actual Time Item
October 1997 September 1, 1998 Release of Half-Life demo
November 1997, April 1998, Summer 1998 November 19, 1998 Release of Half-Life
"Soon" (1998), way before 2005 October 10, 2007 Release of Team Fortress 2
September 30, 2003 November 16, 2004 Release of Half-Life 2
June 1, 2006 October 10, 2007 Release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Christmas of 2007 August 25th, 2017 (as script) Release of Half-Life 2: Episode Three
Four days Two months and six days Availability of the Earbuds in TF2
Every 3 months Every few years Half-Life 2 Episodes
In the coming weeks In large updates starting in five months and continuing over the next seven years TF2 Class Achievements
Coming tomorrow at 11 AM Coming tomorrow at 2 PM Team Fortress 2 Update
Today Tonight at 11:49 PM, Pacific time Time TF2 beta went live
Q1 The third week of Q2
Coming "Soon" Coming in over two months Team Fortress 2, Engineer Update.
Beginning in (next month)... Beginning in the month after the stated one
Shortly In six months Left 4 Dead SDK
We're finishing this feature up now We've just finished the concept and we'll start working on it in the coming weeks (see below) Steam Friends
"within the month" (Feb 1st)

"just after" April 15th
"the week of April 20th"

April 29th TF2 Gold Rush Update
January or maybe even March May 23 Day of Defeat Source Steamworks beta
Until the problem is fixed with an SDK update For the engine after the engine after this (where everything but our tools have changed)
Early 2008:

Late summer, 2008:

Early November, 2008

November 18, 2008 Release of Left 4 Dead
Monday Monday-ish Arena Mode announcement date on before going live late Monday night PST
When we started working on TF2 22 years ago (putting the date 11 years before the initial release of Team Fortress)
October 27, 1 PM, PST (8 PM, UTC)

October 27, 11 PM PST (October 28, 6 AM, UTC)
October 28, 1 PM, PST (8 PM, UTC)
October 28, 2 PM, PST (9 PM, UTC)
October 28, 3 PM, PST (10 PM, UTC)

October 28, 5:08 PM, PST (October 29, 0:08 AM, UTC) Left 4 Dead 2 early access demo
...any minute now 5 days later Nov 9, 2009 Left 4 Dead update
Late March Late April Release of The Passing for L4D2
In April May 12th Steam for Mac
Each Wednesday for the next few weeks Each Wednesday for three weeks, then when we feel like it Release of new Mac games
This coming holiday season! 2010

Next coming year. February 9th, 2011

April 18th, 2011. Portal 2 release date
July 12th July 15th TF2 Polycount Pack Contest winner selection
Later this Spring Fall Release of L4D on Mac
In one hour In two hours and 15 minutes The release of Alien Swarm
"Working with Developers" 8 years, 6 months 25 days Downloadable drivers via Steam
By the end of August or early September September 30th Release of Polycount update
"about a month" after the "March" release date of The Passing October 5, 2010 Release of "The Sacrifice"
"Next update" (January 2011) Too many updates to count since then. Team Fortress 2 Jigglebone fix
Next week 1 week and 3 days Fix for the matchmaking menu on Team Fortress 2 not fully darkening the background
20 minutes 40 minutes The International Dota 2 Tournament

This September

October 4th Portal 2 DLC
Early August September 14th Rubles in Steam Store
Limited Time Only Still going strong Mann Co. Store promotion item
Early October November 30th Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CBT
24 hours 28 Hours and 45 Minutes Dota 2 server maintenance
Today's update An update 4 years, 8 months, 18 days later Orange Box listdeaths removal
No later than June 30th. July 12th. 2012 International Ticket Information (Dota 2 Championships)
30 Minutes 1-2 Hours Playing a Mann vs Machine game
An update tomorrow or early next week 22/08/2012 (3 months later) Fix a critical security bug in the L4D2/ASW/P2/CS:GO engines.
September 5th 2012 [1] [2] October 3rd 2012 Expanding Steam to non-game software
Hopefully Next Week 9 Months Later iOS Steam Update
Before the end of 2012

Fairly quickly (8/17/2012)

February 15th 2013 Steam for Linux
April 23rd 2013 May 1st 2013 GCF to VPK conversion for Team Fortress 2
"Later this year" (2012)

Middle of next month (October 2012)

May 2013 Left 4 Dead Linux builds
"Shortly after release" of OS X support (2010) June 26th 2013 Mac OS X support for Source SDK Code
"We’re going to release new SDK’s within the next week or two." (April 17th 2013) June 27th 2013 Source SDK 2013
Later this year (2011). Then delayed to Q1 of 2012. July 9th 2013 Dota 2
August 24th 2013 August 27th 2013 Team Fortress's Birthday
October 27th 2013/Middle of September December 4th Part two of the "bi monthly" comics
By the end of August (2014) 4th September, 2014 Goblin Techies for Dota2
"Early next year" (September 2014) June 18, 2015 Source 2 Dota 2 Beta
July 31 at 8 am
July 31 at 12 pm
July 31 at 12:45 Pre-order pickup at TI5
"In the next few weeks" (August 13, 2015) exactly 18 weeks TF2 performance update
"Update Notes Coming Soon" (July 7, 2016) "About 5 hours later." TF2 Meet Your Match patch notes.
Some weekend in June June 45, 2016 (July 15, 2016) Dota 2 Battle cup
4:00 PM PDT "2 Hours later" Dota 2 True Sight Episode 1
"a little quicker" than 11 months 1 year, 4 months, 10 days TF Comics #6
Later this month (May 2017) May 39th, 2017 (June 8th, 2017) Dota 2 Siltbreaker Campaign Act I
"Next week, as always" (October 11, 2016) October 21st 2016 Scream Fortress 2016
"This fall" 12/12/2016 Dota 7.00 "The New Journey"

Reverse Valve Time

Note that these outliers may be the results of an undiscovered 'Greenlight Savings Time'.

Valve Time Actual Time Item
At 4PM pdt At 1:30 pdt (L4D2 50% off sale)
This week The next day May 19, 2010 Team Fortress 2 update
In a few days Within 24 hours December 11, 2008 TF2 update
We're wrapping things up... 2 Weeks Pyro update
"before the end of the summer" August 20th New Left 4 Dead DLC Announcement
"in time to celebrate Halloween" October 27 Left 4 Dead on OSX
On 11/8/2010 11/7/2010 11PM (GMT -8) (TF2 Halloween Event ends)
April 20th, 2011. 7AM PDT If and when enough Potato Sack games are played. Portal 2 release date
"July 22nd at the latest" "July 21st" Dead Air Beta in Left 4 Dead 2
"Wednesday" (October 5) October 4 Portal 2 DLC release
"When the community says it's ready" August 21, 2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Release
50 days after September 11th (October 31st) October 26 TF2 Halloween
The three days around Full Moon in December 2013 (December 16th-18th) December 13th-15th Team Fortress 2 monthly Full Moon event
April 2, 2015 October 2, 2014 4th issue of Team Fortress Comics: Blood in the Water
In the coming weeks 5 days later Linux and OS X clients for Dota 2 Reborn Beta
Monday, August 31, 2015
(link to Tweets)
Monday, August 31, 2015 TF Comics #5
A day or two 9 hours Dota 6.87
"We would like to move a lot quicker on new hero development..." (August 2nd, 2017) 10 days Dota 2 - The Dueling Fates Update - 2 new heroes

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