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Valve Time Actual Time
In a few minutes At 11:38AM the following morning
(Any Steam game release date) 10 hours into that day (Pacific Time)
Coming tomorrow at 11AM Coming tomorrow at 2PM
Today Tonight at 11:49 PM, Pacific time (This was the actual time the TF2 Public Beta went live.)
Tomorrow Later this week
This year 1 2 Next year 1 2
Q1 The third week of Q2
(This year's) holiday season Fall of next year
Beginning in (next month)... Beginning in the month after the stated one
Shortly In six months
We're finishing this feature up now We've just finished the concept and we'll start working on it in the coming weeks (see below)
In the coming weeks In large updates starting in five months and continuing over the next two years
"within the month" (Feb 1st):

"just after" April 15th:

"the week of April 20th"

April 29th
January or maybe even March May 23
After the holiday weekend / After Memorial Day Next week
Christmas of 2007 Coincident with the Rapture
Until the problem is fixed with an SDK update For the engine after the engine after this (where everything but our tools has changed)
Early 2008:

Late Summer 2008:

Early November 2008

November 18 2008
October 2nd October 3rd
Monday Monday-ish (Monday depending on your time zone)

(This was what Monday's announcement date changed to on within an hour before it went live.)

Within About an Hour 5 Hours Later
Later this week In 3 weeks
When we started working on TF2 22 years ago (putting the date 11 years before the initial release of Team Fortress)

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