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Valve Time Actual Time
Tomorrow At 10:00 Pacific
Coming tomorrow at 11AM Coming tomorrow at 2PM
Today A couple of minutes past midnight.
Next week In 3 months
Q1 The third week of Q2
[This year's] holiday season Fall of next year
Beginning in (next month)... Beginning in the month after the stated one
Shortly Sometime around next week (see above)
We're finishing this feature up now We've just finished the concept and we'll start working on it in the coming weeks (see below)
In the coming weeks In the upcoming months
In the upcoming months Never
2003 2004
2006 2007
Christmas of 2007 Coincident with the Rapture
Until the problem is fixed with an

SDK update, use the following workaround:

In our next-next-next-gen engine (when everything but our tools are broke)
Look for it within the month Look for it at least 2 months later (or more!)
When it's done A month or two after just to be sure
Coming soon When Duke Nukem Forever goes gold
Early next year The following Summer