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Revision as of 11:43, 29 June 2005 by Geogriffith (talk | contribs) (Should we include HL1 content?)
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Geogriffith: I am not entirely sure as to what should go here. But it seemed like a good place to list links to other sites that may be of use to developers.

Ideas: Create a standardized system to distinguish between sites that cater to HL1 and HL2 mapping.

Solo: I suggest that we make a more centralized table of contents per se... I'm currently scavaging around on the site finding random tidbits of information, but I still can't find what I'm looking for which happens to be how to create breakable glass in CS:S.

Geogriffith: Yeah, that sounds pretty good. This site is going to need a lot of cross referencing before it becomes useful. Oh, and Func_breakable is what you're looking for, btw. This is the HL1 guide, but the entity has the same name in source.

Solo: Good deal, thanks... I think this site would really benefit with a Forum. Well... I don't know how to get to Func_breakable. Is it a brush or an entity?

Super Foul Egg: From a technical standpoint, I recommend locking this page and changing the link to a differently named page if it's going to be converted into something else. Community portal (along with Current events and Help) is one of the main pages that wikibots target when they're spamming, so this page has the potential to be more work than it's worth over long periods. Wikipedia is the origin of nearly all hacks and misuses when it comes to the Mediawiki framework, so the more things that deviate from their way of doing things, the better protected this wiki will be from incidental harm.

(Well, assuming you discount the potential harm of a wiki let loose on the PC gaming community. Oh, god.)

Sp00neyG: Solo,

if your looking for breakable glass tutorials, or any other tutorial, be sure to visit, it contains tutorials, downloads and a community for mappers and modders alike! That goes for everybody else who needs some help too ;)

I changed the list quite a bit, hope you don't mind. It's much easier to navigate now and has more information. --[[User:Tom Edwards|Tom Edwards]] 08:40, 28 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Isn't CGTalk a bit generic?

I have added the "Other pages section", the idea its to list other pages with lots of links. You see stickied forums post everywhere with interesting links, but you dont want to polute this pages with these linkes, and well... linking that sites its a good way to give him credits for that work. --Tei

I have taken out some copyrighted texture material site out, we should keep it clean. and keep it alphabetical plz... jaboo224

Added to the list they have a decent amount of general textures in high res. --KillahSin

Should we include HL1 content?

Or is this a strictly HL2/source SDK wiki?

I see no reason not to include HL1 content. Since the VERC is is essentially not going to be added to anymore, this is the only "official" site for HL1 modding. --Geogriffith