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Geogriffith: I am not entirely sure as to what should go here. But it seemed like a good place to list links to other sites that may be of use to developers.

Ideas: Create a standardized system to distinguish between sites that cater to HL1 and HL2 mapping.

Solo: I suggest that we make a more centralized table of contents per se... I'm currently scavaging around on the site finding random tidbits of information, but I still can't find what I'm looking for which happens to be how to create breakable glass in CS:S.

Geogriffith: Yeah, that sounds pretty good. This site is going to need a lot of cross referencing before it becomes useful. Oh, and Func_breakable is what you're looking for, btw. This is the HL1 guide, but the entity has the same name in source.

Solo: Good deal, thanks... I think this site would really benefit with a Forum. Well... I don't know how to get to Func_breakable. Is it a brush or an entity?

Super Foul Egg: From a technical standpoint, I recommend locking this page and changing the link to a differently named page if it's going to be converted into something else. Community portal (along with Current events and Help) is one of the main pages that wikibots target when they're spamming, so this page has the potential to be more work than it's worth over long periods. Wikipedia is the origin of nearly all hacks and misuses when it comes to the Mediawiki framework, so the more things that deviate from their way of doing things, the better protected this wiki will be from incidental harm.

(Well, assuming you discount the potential harm of a wiki let loose on the PC gaming community. Oh, god.)

SavannahLion: I disagree Super Foul Egg. Redirecting and renaming links is only a stopgap measure for spambots. Once the spambot maintainer realizes a specific page is innaccessable, a new page would simply be found and abused. What happens then? Another rename and a new link? Forget it. There's a blacklist patch available for MediaWiki that's specifically targeted to stop/resist spambots. Applying the blacklist along with a variation of an autoban system, means a Spambot only manages to hit one page at best and only once. With careful and judicious additions to the Blacklist, the bots paid for by those advertisers are never able to hit twice. Hiding the blacklist to only admin and moderators prevents spammers from finding what's been blacklisted. I've been happy with the results on my own Wiki, I see no reason something similar can't be applied here if it isn't already.

Sp00neyG: Solo,

if your looking for breakable glass tutorials, or any other tutorial, be sure to visit, it contains tutorials, downloads and a community for mappers and modders alike! That goes for everybody else who needs some help too ;)

I changed the list quite a bit, hope you don't mind. It's much easier to navigate now and has more information. --[[User:Tom Edwards|Tom Edwards]] 08:40, 28 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Isn't CGTalk a bit generic?

I have added the "Other pages section", the idea its to list other pages with lots of links. You see stickied forums post everywhere with interesting links, but you dont want to polute this pages with these linkes, and well... linking that sites its a good way to give him credits for that work. --Tei

I have taken out some copyrighted texture material site out, we should keep it clean. and keep it alphabetical plz... jaboo224

Added to the list they have a decent amount of general textures in high res. --KillahSin

Should we include HL1 content?

Or is this a strictly HL2/source SDK wiki?

I see no reason not to include HL1 content. Since the VERC is is essentially not going to be added to anymore, this is the only "official" site for HL1 modding. --Geogriffith

Stop adding hl1 mods....

There is no reason why this can't be a useful place for Half-Life 1 support/information, the site will be what you all make of it. Personally, I would prefer that there is a clean visual distintion for a viewer when they are reading a page to know what platform they are reading about (or searching for). Erik Johnson

Surely the <Half-Life> <Half-Life 2> icons make that possible? -Zevensoft

I've been adding information to the TFC entery(Link?) - Mooga

Wow!.. great work!.. now its much more nice and clean! --Tei

Azrael - Shouldn't be removed from the list? Just currently the websites domain has expired so it is no use.

Help, My BSP ain't compiling!

I have made a better-standard "BreakWall" map on Hammer (for those of you who don't know what BreakWall is, you have to break through breakable walls to get elsewhere (like that game - Red Faction)). I have gone through it, and for some reason, I press the compile button, then OK, the compile logger comes up, then at the bottom it said "Copy File Command C:/MAP DIRECTORIES/Nox13last_Breakwalls.bsp"

But The BSP doesn't appear, and if the DONT RUN GAME IF CHECKED checkbox is unchecked, the game would load up, and simply take to the Main Menu.

I've asserted that the problem isn't too many entities, and it's not leaking thats the problem, so what is it, I need help bad please!

-Nox13last out yet monitoring-

Just VALVE could create something like this

I´d like to thank Valve for this site... You are the best! Thanks for the game and thanks for provide us SDK with great quality and special attention!

Joel Rodrigues São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Ta bom Joel, legal ;-) Tchau --wisemx 04:17, 7 Jul 2005 (PDT)

I don't really understand the concept of this all.. how is this better then websites and forums? And what keeps someone from just erasing everything? --YamahaAlex37

  • Try reading the Wikipedia article on Wiki and see if you understand. --AndrewNeo 22:28, 6 Jul 2005 (PDT)
  • I was able to help Alex in the VERC forums and I worked on his elevator, it's fine now. --wisemx 04:14, 7 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Who said that this page will be more usefull than websites or forums. It's just a place for us so we don't need to search for hours. you want to find sth you are coming here.

No response

I want to code a Serverwatch tool. I use VB.NET and an UDPClient. WHen i send the command A2S_INFO i receive no data. Why???? Can anybody help me????

PLZ parse some codesnippets.

greez Christian

Creating realtime cut scenes

I am animating a realtime cut scene for school entirely in Softimage xsi and was wondering how I would go about getting it into HL2. I would do all of the environments,cameras and animations in xsi but the special fx in hammer. Can someone point me in the right direction.

Oh and I was also wondering for env fire how to use a color or alpha input?

Hammer Crashing

Hiyaz, everytime i try to browse thru entitys it crash's i insert object, right click propertys, world model, browse when i click browse it crash's please any ideas would be greatly accepted>>> Thanks

maybe hammer's looking in the wrong directory, check your preferences -InvaderZim

Translating Tutorials into German language

Hi everybody, i'd like to translate the Tutorials into the german language. Therefore i want to create new Articles. What do you think about it?

I like the idea, and I've been talking with Greg about adding translations. I created Translations page to discuss about it in details. --RumikoHoshino

am I just missing this somewhere?

This probably is'nt the best page to ask it, but im trying to make a short single player campaign, and cant find anywhere how to set up the level progression. when i run the mod game, the console says something about 'maplist.txt' (which, i might add it informs me it cannot locate)

basically when you press 'new game' i would like levels to show up instead of a blank menu

if this really wasnt the place to ask, directing me to a better page will be just as apreciated :)

Hammer Idea

Is it just me, or does having a tool in hammer to convert brushes into a model seem like a good idea? Considering how most objects in HL1 which were brush based (chairs, racks) are now models, it would help all those experienced HL1 mappers who don't have modelling skills.

Flawed math?

Does the Programming section really need a link and overly long description to a debate on controversial math? --wisemx 04:35, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)

Are you referring to the link I posted Trigonometry Redefined without Sines And Cosines. I put that link there because it is always good to know of alternative ways to do math/programming, and it may help spread the word about this new way of doing trig. --Created by: X 10:00, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)
Yes, it doesn't even link to an article, just debates and ads for the book. --wisemx 13:19, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)
The link (and even the sample chapter) doesn't provide enough information to be useful to, say, a mapper messing with the vertex tool. All the link is accomplishing is advertising the book. On the other hand, a link to a website that teaches (very) basic trig might occasionally be useful to a few people. But rarely, I expect. —Maven (talk) 16:32, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)
Agreed --wisemx 17:20, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)