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The Valve Developer Community site relies on its members to grow and take care of the content it contains. The Wiki concept depends on this.

What you'll find on this page are a list of different tasks, large and small, that can be worked on to improve and expand the site. Even small tasks, when added together, can make a big difference in the quality of the community.

Once you've completed a task, you can edit this page to remove it from the list, and add your own ideas for improvements.

Smaller items

These jobs should only take you a little time for each one.

  • Proofread the content someone has created in a new page.
  • Read a new page and give feedback on the discussion page on how the content can be improved.
  • Add wiki tags to a new page someone has created:

Medium-sized jobs

These projects will take a little longer.

  • Create a mini-tutorial, for a simple problem users have.
  • Pick an entity in the entity list, and transcribe the entity help from inside Hammer.
    • Entity help can be extracted directly from the proper .FGD file or copied and pasted from Hammer.
    • Make sure to include the basic description, keyvalues, flags, as well as all inputs an outputs. Example: Env_fire
  • Don't forget to add Category:Entities to entity pages.
  • Find an existing entity in the entity list and fix the formatting.
  • Pick a page in the Hammer Editor documentation, and add links where they are missing. Look for the text "See the topic name section for more information", and make it a link to the proper page. Capitalized words in Bold are also often link candidates (i.e. Entity Report or Object Properties).
  • Find one of the dead links in the Hammer Editor documentation that hasn't yet been ported from the old HTML site. You may find it helpful to use an HTML to Wiki converter, such as this.
  • Add a couple screen shots or other images to a tutorial that has none, or not enough.
  • Take an existing page that is too large and divide it into smaller, more manageable topics.

Large Tasks

Extended projects that may take you awhile to do.

  • Create a new comprehensive tutorial, complete with screen shots. Include numbered, step-by-step instructions.
  • Overhaul an existing tutorial or topic. Clean up the structure, syntax, and add images and other appropriate content.
  • Find pages that have more or less identical content. Merge them together cleanly so they don't overlap, or clean up the content of each page so they complement one another instead of duplicating information.