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Help Contents

The Valve Developer Community site relies on its members to grow and take care of its contents. The Wiki concept depends on this. What you'll find on this page are a list of different tasks, large and small, that can be worked on to improve and expand the site. Even small tasks, when added together, can make a big difference in the quality of the community. Once you've completed a task, you can edit this page to remove it from the list, and add your own ideas for improvements.

Smaller items

These jobs should only take you a little time for each one.


  • Verify that a page is up-to-date [1]
  • Categorize non-English pages and add alternate language footers to Japanese pages

Medium-sized jobs

These projects will take a little longer.

  • Add a list of maps where a specific Half-Life Continuity can be found on their own page
  • Create a mini-tutorial, for a simple problem users have.
  • Pick an entity in the list of entities for a game, and transcribe the entity help from inside Hammer.
    • A lot of info on entities can be found by looking at the FGD's.
    • Test any and all entities before you describe them, for any potential bugs that may occur that the user should know about.
    • Make sure to include the basic description, keyvalues, flags, as well as all inputs an outputs. Example: env_fire
  • Find an existing entity in the list of entities and fix the formatting; here's an entity article template with sample formatting.
  • Pick a page in the Hammer Editor documentation, and add links where they are missing.
    • Look for the text "See the topic name section for more information", and make it a link to the proper page. Capitalized words in Bold are also often link candidates (i.e. Entity Report or Object Properties).
    • Some pages under Category:Hammer Toolbars need links.
    • Add links to the Hammer Hotkey Reference page.
    • Add any potential content that might only be unique to versions of hammer for specific games.
  • The Half-Life High Definition Content is like Mao Zedong. There's about 93 different ways to write it. Add some redirects, like HD Pack.
  • Add a couple screenshots or other images to a tutorial that has none, or not enough.
  • Take an existing page that is too large and divide it into smaller, more manageable topics.
  • Find and extend stub articles, or help clean up articles.
  • Need a tutorial on how to transfer an existing mod that's under development from one machine to another and have the tutorial cover all of the gotchas
  • Update 'List of Soundscapes' pages to include any entries not on them already, and to include more detailed descriptions of soundscapes.
  • Update any game level creation page (example Portal 2 Level Design) and include any specific content for the games.

Large Tasks

Extended projects that may take you a while to do.

  • Create a new comprehensive tutorial, complete with screenshots. Include numbered, step-by-step instructions.
  • Overhaul an existing tutorial or topic. Clean up the structure, syntax, and add images and other appropriate content.
  • Find pages that have redundant content. Merge them together cleanly so they don't overlap, or clean up the content of each page so they complement one another instead of duplicating information.
  • Start a new page from the wanted page listing.
Note.png Note: Some of the pages on the wanted page listing do not need to be created, as they are mostly referenced by templates.
  • Add more GoldSrc-related content.
  • Update pictures with white backgrounds to match current VDC theme (as of June 2012).

See also

Category:TODO - a list of pages that have been marked as needing something done.