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This page is a reference on having alternative languages on the Valve Developer Community.

Tradurre la tua pagina

Tradurre una pagina dovrebbe essere semplice se si conosce la lingua in questione. Questo articolo non espone in profondita la traduzione degli articoli, ma ne spiega ill procedimento.

Suggested naming scheme

E' consigliato mantenere lo stesso titolo inglese negli articoli

Example: Command Line Options:it

Nota: Spesso gli articoli in inglese sono gli orniginali, e non necessitano del tag :en.

Other language templates

The templates used to mark a page that is translated into other languages are set up so they can be used for and in any language.

Example for an English page that has a Japanese translation:

{{otherlang:en:jp|Destination page:jp}}

Example for a Spanish page that has English and German translations:

{{otherlang:es:en|Destination page}},
{{otherlang:es:de|Destination page:de}}

Syntax form

If you notice, there are several parts to the templates used to create these statements. The first part,

{{otherlang:Current language code}}

represents the This language is avaliable in: in that language. It is followed one or more statements of

{{otherlang:Current language code:Destination language code|Destination page}}

which has text written in both the current page's language and the destination page's language, which links to the destination page.

Creating language tag templates

Creating templates for alternative languages is easy. Simply copy the code for existing templates, and put them into templates replaced with your correct language code. Please be sure to put your target language's name in both your language and the target language's.

Example (Spanish):

Inglés (English)

A template can be modified by going to Template:name; for example, the otherlang:pl:en template can be modified by going to Template:otherlang:pl:en.

The code for otherlang:xx is:

<br style="clear:both;" />
<small>translation1: </small>

The code for otherlang:xx:yy is:

<small>[[{{{1}}}|translation2 (translation3)]]</small>


  • xx is the language code of your language
  • yy is the language code of the other language
  • translation1 is the phrase "This page is also available in", translated to your language
  • translation2 is the name of the other language, translated to your language
  • translation3 is the name of the other language, translated to its own language


Available languages

Languages available can be found in the Languages category.

In order to have your language category listed in the primary Languages category, add the following to your language's category article:


Final notes

This guide is not definitive, but it makes things much simpler when everyone follows one method of using the templates, so everything in the wiki stays consistent throughout languages.

Template:Otherlang:en Template:Otherlang:en:zh-cn