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Use this page to post any misc information from valve developers made on mailing lists, forums or emails.

Using external libarys with source

Q: Hi,

In order to do certain things in my mod I need to use some third-party libraries which need to do some initialization/termination work. Is there a certain place where I can call these functions as the mod is loaded?

A: Yahn Bernier

Sorry if this is a repeat, I had to sign bck onto this list again.

Anyway, you are free to add a DllMain to the server or client .dlls. In addition, you might look at dlls/GameInterface.cpp at DllInit(...) and put your init code in there. I believe there is a corresponding shutdown section.

The other possibility is to create a new CAutoGameSystem and implement the Init/Shutdown methods (see IGameSystem.h and numerous examples in the game and client .dlls).