Vacuum Tube

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The Vacuum Tube (or Vac-tube) is used within the Aperture Science facility to transport testing apparatus.

How to create one

Making basic shape First, start off making the basic shape of your vac-tube. Here is a list of useful models: vacum_entrance_a.mdl vacum_flange_a.mdl vactube_connector.mdl Making items inside First, start by making path_tracks. Don't forget to turn on 'Teleport to this path' in the first 'path_track'. Now create 2 prop_dynamic_overrides, and 3 brushes in the same place. Convert two of them to func_rotating and the 3rd one to func_tracktrain. Parent prop_dynamic to func_rotatating, func_rotating to 2nd func_rotating, and then to func_tracktrain. Set track train speed to 450-600, height above track to 0 and distance between the wheels to 0. Now go to flags and check allow roll (z-rot). Now open both of func_rotatings and in flags check x axis in the first and y axis in 2nd. Set rotating speed to 150.

Now set 2 different models to prop_dynamics_overrides. Create logic_auto and give it outputs. Output Name Activator Via this input On Map Spawn prop_dynamic_override1 turn off On Map Spawn prop_dynamic_override2 turn off

Create logic_case. Add outputs Output Name Activator Via this input OnCase1 prop_dynamic_override1 turn on OnCase1 prop_dynamic_override2 turn off OnCase2 prop_dynamic_override1 turn off OnCase2 prop_dynamic_override2 turn on

Now in the last path_track of your tube create outputs: Output Name Activator Via this input OnPass LogicCase PickRandom


To make gel flow through tubes create an info_particle_system. Then set the particle to one of the following gels:

  1. blob_curve_orange - Propulsion Gel
  2. blob_curve_blue - Repulsion Gel
  3. blob_curve - Conversion Gel

Then create an info_target entity, name it, check the "Always transmit to client (ignore PVS)" flag and set the info_target as control point 1 of the info_particle_system you created before. The Gel will now go straight from the info_particle_system to the info_target.

The distance between those two entities will determine how thick the gel flow is.