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The Valve Integrated Development Environment (commonly referred to by its acronym VIDE) is a third party freeware software distribution used by Source developers. It is commonly used by mapmakers to pack custom content (textures, models, soundscapes) into their levels.

Any and all custom content must be packed into the level with VIDE; otherwise, external users of your map will see missing content textures in place of the custom textures only you see on your end.

VIDE, being used to pack custom content into a .bsp file.


  • Hammer Splitter Editor
  • Package Viewer (equivalent to GCFScape)
  • Particle Editor
  • VBSP Editor
  • VMT Editor
  • Mass VMT Editor
  • VTF Editor (equivalent to VTFEdit)
  • Mass VTF Editor
  • BSP Info
  • Entity Lump Editor (equivalent to Entspy)
  • Pakfile Lump Editor (equivalent to Pakrat)


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