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Vgui button.png

A button can be pressed to perform an action. Buttons in current Source games are usually 24 pixels high, and have an additional ~30 pixels or blank space to the right of any text.

Example & Accepted Values

		"ControlName"		"Button"
		"fieldName"		"Button"
		"xpos"			"120"
		"ypos"			"20"
		"wide"			"82"
		"tall"			"24"
		"autoResize"		"0"
		"pinCorner"		"3"
		"visible"		"1"
		"enabled"		"1"
		"tabPosition"		"2"
		"labelText"		"#Button_Text"
		"textAlignment"		"west"
		"dulltext"		"0"
		"brighttext"		"0"
		"wrap"			"0"