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Source SDK FAQ

Hello there! I see you posted some questions on the Category:Source SDK FAQ page. I believe it would be best if you had posted those questions on the Help Desk, or actually looked at some more resources here on the VDC, such as the FAQ more help page.

Regarding the "Failed to load the Launcher DLL" error, I've looked this up on the SteamPowered forums and found this. It basically suggests that you do not run the game automatically after compiling. Instead you should manually open up the game when you know the map has finished compiling, and using the "Create a Server" option on the game menu look up your map on the list of maps and attempt to play in it!

Regarding HL2DM not appearing in the games list: apart from the games on the Valve/NVIDIA deal, what other Valve games have you bought on Steam? Another (perhaps more relevant) question: what games do appear on that list? I think you might be using the non-beta version of the Source SDK without the -engine ep1 flag. --Etset 02:32, 9 Feb 2008 (PST)