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Purely out of self-interest (I probably won't be playing Ep1 for a few days after release, but will be using the VDC in that time), I wanted to ask what your approach is going to be with regards adding further Ep1 details/spoilers to the VDC? (Previous discussion). Thanks, Giles 07:01, 31 May 2006 (PDT)

EP1 Content

Hey, I am away from my dev computer right now so I cant check this myself. I was wondering if the source for EP1 is available for modding. If not, do you know if/when it will be? I understand that the changes are really only in Alyx's ai and an upgrade to the face movement system, but I still am rather interested. --General Eskimo

It is possible to mod it....but I'm not sure if you'll be able to use any upgrades if you override the can mod anything else tho (although episode 1 uses a newer bsp version)—ts2do 12:04, 4 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Player Markers

Hey, you are god, so I thought I'd ask you another question. I have been wanting to add player markers like those seen in DOD:S (the floating icons above teammates with the team's logo). I can't seem to figure out where such code is located (I am sure some of it lies in the current source code), but I have been having trouble finding the correct terms to use when searching the net for held on this subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated. --General Eskimo

Check out AttachTentToPlayer in c_te_legacytempents.cpp
you can also try creating a sprite entity on the client—ts2do 12:13, 4 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Player Markers Continued

Wow! That was nice and fast. You wouln't happen to know 3 other things about that would you? First, I wanted to attach text to players (such as showing who is carrying a flag, so on), including the player's name. Next, I want to make sure that that text is not rescaled for distance (meaning the text is always the same size on the screen, no matter how far away the player). Finally, I was wondering how I could make sure it would be rendered on top of the rest of the world geometry (I want to see this text through walls, smoke, etc), but behind the player's hud/weapon (I am sure it is just some flag I need to set chaning the order in which it is rendered). Thanks for the help in advance! --General Eskimo

The best way to do this may be to DECLARE_HUDELEMENT_DEPTH that utilizes need to use ScreenTransform to find the point on the screen the player is
as for the origin of the player & whether or not they have the flag, you can modify player_resource to send that info—ts2do 12:37, 4 Jun 2006 (PDT)
OMG you are the best! Valve should pay you! --General Eskimo

... Alrighty then

...Why'd you remove all the clr tags I had in Intermediate Lighting. I was going to need thoose after I'd added pictures and images so I was keeping them there to mark where each section ended and as a reminder. Yeah its cleaner the way you've done but dont clean someone up while thier still working. GJ on all the cleaning work your doing, but nobody appricates thier desk getting organized for them when they go on a coffe break. Just give it a little more time so I can work my article through. I'm doing this at work so I can't devote consitent ammounts of time to it so you'll see a lot of semi updates on my projects from now on, and some will be half done, i'd use the wip template but it was "being edited" at the time. Nothing major just gimmie a little bit of time to clean my own mess before you do :) Angry Beaver 13:42, 7 Jun 2006 (PDT)