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How are you? xD where you come from? :) What is your name? :) What you make? :) --]{o$Тя 17:36, 12 October 2010 (UTC)

Hello, I'm good, what about you? I'm from California in the US. I make maps, I haven't finished one in a really long time and never finished a good one before, but I'm almost done with a pretty kickass Portal map. You're a mapper/modder from Russia, right? Thelonesoldier 05:48, 13 October 2010 (UTC)
Yes :) I from Nizhniy Tagil, Sverdloskaya region. My home on coordinates: 57°52'59.99' ' north; 59°57'03.38' ' East. In google You can see my home :)

I am 16 years old, I still go in School xD (In Russia 11 form scholls), In future I want to enter Social-Pedagogical Academy on faculty "Application-oriented computer science" on Russian it is sounds shorter "Прикладная информатика" xD ...

I break stereoptype: "We don't drink VODKA every day! I don't like 40C2H5OH+60H2O"

Nice! You have similar? ;) Here I was walking 9.10.2010

I like tourism and adventures xD because it is cool! Nature is very beautiful :)

Mapping it is my hobbie, since I got unlimited internet :-D and Half-Life 2 :). I not only make maps for Half-Life 2 and others, but and for others games.

How you notice, I was didn't good in English. *Embarrassed*. I don't good learn English, idler :D (but need). I was 2 (= D in USA) on test "article 'the' using with geographical names" :D

Valve "feed" us various games (portal 2, Left 4 dead 1,2) but when they MAKE EPISODE THREE?! :D. In Russia exist phraseological unit: "Все вы меня завтраками кормите!" In English it is ~ "always you feed me breakfasts". Promise with phrase "I give you tomorrow". BUT! When came "Tomorrow" you can got this again: "Tomorrow, I give exactly" :D and this can continue very long time. In Russian "breakfast" translate "Завтрак" [za'vtrak], and "tomorow" translate "Завтра" [za'vtra]. Similar, isn't it? ;). therefore this appearance called "Завтраками кормить" [za'vtrakami kᴐrmit']. It is mean "non-fulfilment to promises". I think, that you remember, when did promised Episode Three? ;)

It is not all ;). Ask me any questions, and I with a good grace answer you!

Trully yours, --]{o$Тя 14:49, 13 October 2010 (UTC)

Haha, that's funny, vodka is my favorite booze :P. I live in suburbs so there's no lakes or forests very close by my house. I used to make maps for Half-Life and Counter-Strike but like I said I never finished any good ones :P . I still have all the files so maybe I will someday. I'll be very surprised if they ever release Episode 3, I don't think they care about Half-Life anymore because they are making more money with Left 4 Dead and Portal. I'm very offended as a fan of the Half-Life series that they don't bother to keep making the Episodes like they said they would. On the other hand, I didn't like Episode 1 very much. Episode 2 was much better. Now I am more excited about Black Mesa Source because Half-Life was such a good game. I think Black Mesa source will probably be more fun than Half-Life 2 but we'll see if it ever comes out. Thelonesoldier 22:24, 16 October 2010 (UTC)

Part 2 ;-)

Heh! I too want to play in Black Mesa: Source, but... This mod it is MOD for "Halva 2" (very much interesting things was cuted in mod, in original HL1 you can see more". It seems soda box, in HL1 every can restore 1 point of health (max 25) :-D but in BM:S it don't be... It seems... :-D

I didn't visited America... Never... I want to see smth... :):)

something about Episode One... Very big problem - it is dark and rooms, corridors... BRRR! :-!

Oh... Yessss... B-) How old are you? :-D (sorry for informality)

17.10.2010 I walk with my girlfriend... :-D It is very funny day! "Every day in own way a madhouse!" :-D

Maybe you have a nice city? Unlike us!! :-D We don't have highflats houses (max 18-20 flats) in my city. :) and we have factories B-)

You have ICQ? ;) my number 465945937. :) I almost alwayz in ICQ :) :-D zzzz :-D

"Good laungh that people, that laungh drunk last" :-D

MMM! I remember!!! :-D HAHAHAHA! You have clean water in crane??? :-D We didn't :-D :-( it like black tea :-D (you will ask me: "How you take shower?") :-D sometimes we have clear water (rare, veeeeeryy raaare... :-DDDD)

When I was children in 6 y.o. :-D I afraid the growing water (green grass) I said: "It is radiation! o_0" (It is consequence from playing in HL) :-DDD

we have time utc +05:00, and you? ;)

heh, it is don't all xD

trully yours, I am looking forward to your message :)))


Clearly you do not seem to understand this is a hook-based shader. Valve doesn't officially support it, and considering this is a Nvidia only feature it's not something that meets the criteria of this wiki. I should clarify this isn't a real shader. It does not exists in the source engines shader code, and the command $ambientocclusion isn't even a direct example. It's a special vmt command that allows the use of a AO mask. Ever heard of the ENB series? Same thing more or less here. It's a simple hook onto the DirectX api. It's not correct AO, as only basic scene data implementations are used. There are a TON of games the nvidia driver supports, i would know having currently owned a Nvidia video card and playing around with this myself.--Gear 15:01, 9 December 2010 (UTC)
What criteria are you talking about exactly here? This is something directly related to appearance of the engine, even if the implementation is programmed by a third party and not available on all hardware. I pointed out that the $ambientocclusion is a completely different approach to a similar look, I didn't say they were the same thing. I'm familiar with ENB, another inidcator that not all games support NVidia AO. If Source doesn't require a fanmade hack to get AO working, that's something it has that some engines don't.
If only there were a few articles on third party tools, maybe it wouldn't seem totally out of place to mention something not programmed by Valve. Thelonesoldier 13:10, 10 December 2010 (UTC)
I honestly don't get if you're age 13, or you're super serious about this. None of the software on that list is even relevant. It's ALL third party software that actually somehow changes either the workflow of source, or directly communicates to either formats of source files, or the engine itself. A few of those programs there are editors even of which can open various Source engine file formats. But anyways thats not the problem. My problem is you're getting all butthurt because some guy decided to put the delete tag uo on a page you made. Guess what man, it's the wiki thats going to happen now and then, and will likely continue to happen (and more of so) as you write up articles completely irrelevant to the engine.
Your basis of which this is suitable to your standards of which to stay seem to be is simply the fact it's rendering in the engine. I am about to correct yo ass up. First of all it's not ACTUALLY in the engine. More or less you said it yourself, but to iterate; it's on the rendered. Going down the pipes. Then your point is still invalid about $ambientocclusion. It's not even remotely "similar looking". it's faking Global illum.
This brings me around too "If Source doesn't require a fanmade hack to get AO working, that's something it has that some engines don't." Once again. IT'S IN THE RENDERERERERERER. Anyways man if you really care about this article so much, if it totaly makes your dick hard at night and you'll die without it, re-write it to actually be helpful. Write about how to actually make a shader for the source engine that can perform full frame passes to generate AO. That or I can just paste some GPUgems up in here and throw some deuces and fly out.--Gear 14:36, 11 December 2010 (UTC)