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How are you? xD where you come from? :) What is your name? :) What you make? :) --]{o$Тя 17:36, 12 October 2010 (UTC)

Hello, I'm good, what about you? I'm from California in the US. I make maps, I haven't finished one in a really long time and never finished a good one before, but I'm almost done with a pretty kickass Portal map. You're a mapper/modder from Russia, right? Thelonesoldier 05:48, 13 October 2010 (UTC)
Yes :) I from Nizhniy Tagil, Sverdloskaya region. My home on coordinates: 57°52'59.99' ' north; 59°57'03.38' ' East. In google You can see my home :)

I am 16 years old, I still go in School xD (In Russia 11 form scholls), In future I want to enter Social-Pedagogical Academy on faculty "Application-oriented computer science" on Russian it is sounds shorter "Прикладная информатика" xD ...

I break stereoptype: "We don't drink VODKA every day! I don't like 40C2H5OH+60H2O"

Nice! You have similar? ;) Here I was walking 9.10.2010

I like tourism and adventures xD because it is cool! Nature is very beautiful :)

Mapping it is my hobbie, since I got unlimited internet :-D and Half-Life 2 :). I not only make maps for Half-Life 2 and others, but and for others games.

How you notice, I was didn't good in English. *Embarrassed*. I don't good learn English, idler :D (but need). I was 2 (= D in USA) on test "article 'the' using with geographical names" :D

Valve "feed" us various games (portal 2, Left 4 dead 1,2) but when they MAKE EPISODE THREE?! :D. In Russia exist phraseological unit: "Все вы меня завтраками кормите!" In English it is ~ "always you feed me breakfasts". Promise with phrase "I give you tomorrow". BUT! When came "Tomorrow" you can got this again: "Tomorrow, I give exactly" :D and this can continue very long time. In Russian "breakfast" translate "Завтрак" [za'vtrak], and "tomorow" translate "Завтра" [za'vtra]. Similar, isn't it? ;). therefore this appearance called "Завтраками кормить" [za'vtrakami kᴐrmit']. It is mean "non-fulfilment to promises". I think, that you remember, when did promised Episode Three? ;)

It is not all ;). Ask me any questions, and I with a good grace answer you!

Trully yours, --]{o$Тя 14:49, 13 October 2010 (UTC)

Haha, that's funny, vodka is my favorite booze :P. I live in suburbs so there's no lakes or forests very close by my house. I used to make maps for Half-Life and Counter-Strike but like I said I never finished any good ones :P . I still have all the files so maybe I will someday. I'll be very surprised if they ever release Episode 3, I don't think they care about Half-Life anymore because they are making more money with Left 4 Dead and Portal. I'm very offended as a fan of the Half-Life series that they don't bother to keep making the Episodes like they said they would. On the other hand, I didn't like Episode 1 very much. Episode 2 was much better. Now I am more excited about Black Mesa Source because Half-Life was such a good game. I think Black Mesa source will probably be more fun than Half-Life 2 but we'll see if it ever comes out. Thelonesoldier 22:24, 16 October 2010 (UTC)