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Hey foul egg. Did you write Skinning cause it looks like some jackass just changed it? From User:Treb

You can check the page's history tab to see if anything was removed. On skinning there was nothing before, it's just a stub page. So it's a joke! - Super Foul Egg

K sorry. Just making sure this place hasn't started falling apart be for it gets off the ground. Again, sorry. Treb


Hi, Egg. How has it gone for you over at State? I just visited it for the first time, and it seems like a pretty cool resource. Has the open nature of the WIKI been working for you, or has it been mostly a headache? P.S. nice avatar. - Greg

It's still very much in active development, but we've had a good run so far. I've learnt a lot about what a wiki can and can't do based on the response to it. Regarding headaches, I think it would have been a much bigger pain had we not started with a simple wiki framework and moved up to the behemoth that is Mediawiki after a few months. It helps to have some wiki-experience behind you before jumping straight for the big one. Now we have a reasonable amount of content, we'll be attempting to restyle Mediawiki to make it easier to work with and tweak the navigational structure to make it a little easier to find information. The case sensitivity is Public Enemy No. 1 right now, as very few wikis that aren't Wikipedia need it and the damage it does to intuitive usage and locating information is massive.

State's community has always been heavy on literary experience, and that's not so common on the internet, so I expect a more general wiki would also run up against formatting and communication problems we didn't encounter. Although in a less jaded community it'd certainly be easier getting the bastards to move. Me included. - Super Foul Egg

Thanks for your thoughts. Glad you're here. - Greg