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I was wondering if the Tutorials category should be linked from the [[SDK Docs]] page since it's not linked from anywhere else? Also, if I create a tutorial on editing the HUD, for example, should I be able to put it under Programming, or only tutorials? --[[User:SubKamran|SubKamran]] 09:18, 4 Jul 2005 (PDT)
:Going by what I've seen, tutorials seem to always go in the Tutorials category AND the most relevant category it covers, like Level Design.  Right now, most tutorials are for Level Design, but there will be more for the others.  I wrote one on materials yesterday. 
:I don't know how helpful the Tutorials category really is, actually.  It's maybe worth linking to with a note that it is a collection from all of the other categories.  The reason I say it may not be useful is that if someone's got a mapping problem, for example, they should probably go to the Level Design section, because their answer may not be in tutorial format.

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