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You were obviously aware that I moved the usable ladders article to a better title, so why did you recreate it? Please don't make duplicate articles, and please don't use ambiguous titles such as "usable ladders" if they are for a specific game, particularly a non-Valve game. EDIT: I see what you did. Let's go over this:

  1. You make the article Creating Usable Ladders
  2. I move it to Creating Usable Ladders in Dark Messiah because the article is specific to a game and the title was ambiguous in that regard
  3. You create a new article Usable Ladders which is even more ambiguous and copy the content over
  4. You mark Creating Usable Ladders in Dark Messiah for deletion

Let's address the problems with this:

  • You're using ambiguous titles
  • I moved the page for a reason
  • You created a duplicate article at a different name instead of using the previous name, adding an unnecessary article
  • You created a duplicate article instead of using the "Move" function which you should be aware of because it's at the top of the page and I had already moved the article

There's nothing wrong with having the article exist at Creating Usable Ladders in Dark Messiah - please leave it there. Be aware of the Move function in the future, but don't use it to restore ambiguously titled page names.

Sorry for being harsh. For all I know you were just confused; in the future, if you're unsure about something like "where did my page go" or "why" you can ask about it. Be sure to check the page history because the edit summary might answer your question. Thelonesoldier 22:41, 10 March 2011 (UTC)

Sorry, I will try to be more careful next time.
I wasn't aware that you changed it. I was working on the Dark Messiah Level Creation page with Darksky72, and thought that he had changed it. I agree that the titles of the tutorials Darksky72 and I have created are very ambiguous if you look at the tutorials page.
Do you think that it would better if the title of each tutorial started with "Dark Messiah"? This way they would appear in one row on the tutorials page.
EDIT: Or take a look at Mattshu's proposal: Talk:Dark Messiah Level Creation
--Marvl91 14:00, 11 March 2011 (UTC)