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== UIbugs page comment re: third party mod launch bug ==
Just wanted to point out that the bug mention I listed here wasn't intended to be rude. What I am trying to point out is that there are two separate bugs affecting this issue. I want to place emphasis on testing both HL1 and HL2 because even with the older versions of steam, one would always be fixed while the other is still broken.
I would just like to see this problem resolved once and for all as one of the biggest inconveniences of steam is basically having to use two separate user interfaces for launching games (launching them via a shell such as windows explorer, and launching them through steam.) It would just make for a much cleaner user experience if you have the option of launching the game you want to play directly from the shell, instead of being forced to use the steam client sub-shell.
Naturally, steam seems to have been designed this way, but bugs are preventing it from happening.
* Thanks for the bug, it was a good report.  Will be fixed in next beta update for sure, promise! —'''[[User:johnc|johnc]]'''
** Thanks for addressing this. Unfortunately the other bug I mentioned still remains, which is the bug specific to HL1. For example, if you launch Natural-Selection from an icon without steam running, it brings up regular HL1 and not Natural-Selection. —'''[[User:AlphaWolf|AlphaWolf]]'''
==Quotation marks and desktop shortcuts==
I went and did some further trial/error debugging and found the exact cause of this bug. When you right click on a third party HL1 mod, and then click "create desktop shortcut," it does so a little bit incorrectly. Say for example I right click on natural selection click create desktop icon, it creates one with the following launch parameters:
"C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 70 -game "ns"
(-clientbeta betaui parameters added of course)
The problem here is the quotations surrounding the game name "ns". If you remove those quotations, then the game can launch successfuly without steam already running. If the quotations are there on the other hand, then instead of launching the third party mod, it launches regular Half-Life 1.
So, one of two things needs to be done to address this bug. Either the "create desktop icon" option needs to create the icon without the offending quotes, or steam needs to be adjusted to be able to properly handle sub parameters that are given in quotes. I personally recommend the later as that way game names that contain spaces could be accepted, but then I am not the developer here. :D
Regards, —'''[[User:AlphaWolf|AlphaWolf]]'''
Thanks for the report, we have a fix for this (we massage the -game param before passing it to HL1) --[[User:Alfred|Alfred]] 12:47, 11 Oct 2005 (PDT)

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