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Welcome to the Valve Developer Community! I noticed you made quite a bit of changes to the Creating an energy ball launcher and catcher page all within a short amount of time. In the future, please use the "Show preview" button before submitting your edit to the article as to avoid filling the Recent changes page with edit. Thanks for the help and let me know if you have any questions. --Remmiz 20:17, 28 Nov 2007 (PST)

I don't really know the accepted method for responding to messages on talk pages. I personally prefer to respond on the other person's talk page rather than my own, since it will then pop up the "You have new messages" box. Also to leave your signature, just put --~~~~ and it will automatically put in the time stamp and link to your user page. --Remmiz 14:07, 29 Nov 2007 (PST)
To add my two cents to this, I'd prefer everyone used the same page for their discussions. Makes it easier for everyone else to read them. (The "you have new messages" bar is not really that important, as the receiving end always sees it anyway and the sender can follow changes in "my contributions".) So generally, discussion threads should be on the same page with the first post. Jupix 14:45, 29 Nov 2007 (PST)

Creating an energy ball launcher and catcher

Just noticed the pages Creating_an_energy_ball_launcher_and_catcher and User:Gherghetta/Creating_an_energy_ball_launcher_and_catcher are being worked on at the same time. Since the latter hasn't been touched for about a month, just dropping by to ask if it's finished and ready to be merged with the first one, or if you still have things to write and whatnot? Just asking because the first one is still being actively edited, and perhaps both could be synchronized, so to speak. --Etset 14:01, 5 Jan 2008 (PST)

Do both really need to exist? At any rate, I relocated the latter to Gherghetta's userspace. --GreyMario 11:09, 9 Feb 2008 (PST)
I've taken a closer look at both articles (especially their "history" page) and it seems that Gherghetta's version was originally a copy of the Creating_an_energy_ball_launcher_and_catcher article (probably copied by Gherghetta so that he could modify the article himself, without messing around with the original version). So in any case, the article presented to a visiting user is the first one, but Gherghetta's version shouldn't be deleted either because it belongs to that user. There are more examples of such situations (right here on the VDC), and there's really no problem with having a near copy of an article hiding in someone's user space ;)
However, in terms of information consistency, both articles should be compared to see if the "main space" article (the "first" one) should be complemented with additional information that Gherghetta's version might have. --Etset 13:41, 9 Feb 2008 (PST)